Josephs Department Store

Josephs Dept. Store


Joseph's Department Store offers various clothes and accessories for comparitively reasonable prices. if your looking particularly for inexpensive casual wear, sporting outfits, carefree evening dresses and everyday office wear, then you ought to be shopping at Joseph's.

Joseph's has 3 branches in Down Town and Constant Spring in Kingston and Ocho Rios in St. Ann the areas is surrounded by several malls and department stores which makes the locations ideal for persons who enjoy shopping around before making their purchase.

Regarding the service, the attendants are friendly and always willing to provide costumers with needed assistance.


(876) 974-9016



12/19/2011, 20:45

"This is a great place to shop for quality clothes. Joseph's is an old fashioned store, with wood floors and sales clerks who know your size with out a measuring tape. That alone makes it worth the trip.They carry an amazing selection of Carhardt at great prices. For women they carry Tribal, beautiful clothes that are well made and reasonably priced. Also Woolrich if you are going for something more along the LL Bean look.

The dressing rooms are nothing to brag about, just a couple of closeted areas. But that's not enough to keep me away."

Yes, we can ship to United States