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Jamaicasearch Shopping Nettwork http://www.jamaicasearch.net/index.php?dispatch=rss.products Congratulations! You are on the Jamaicasearch Shopping Network! Jamaicasearch introduces local online shopping within Jamaica, making it possible to shop at multiply stores across the 14 parishes of Jamaica. Jamaicasearch is a multi-vendor shopping network that allows vendors of any kind to list their entire inventory online for FREE. Some of the growing resources that are available for shoppers includes a powerful multi-vendor shopping mall, a multi-vendor autoparts network. Shop with Jamaicasearch and have your purchase delivered to your door islandwide. Local deliver services include TARA Courier, Knutsford Express, Round Town Bike Delivery and FedEx for international delivery. Jamaicasearch is aware that many potentential customers do not have internet access, but thousands of those same customers do have smartphones. as a result we have made the Jamaicasearch website, mobile compatible for smart phone users. So if you have an apple Iphone, Android, Blackberry, Nokia smartphone, or just about any other smart phone brand, type www.jamaicasearch.net and start shopping at multiply stores across Jamaica. So why waste time calling or driving around, find it instead on the Jamaicasearch Network. The future is here! Fri, 19 January Jan 2018 05:14:03 +0400 SEONID RSS Products Generator http://www.jamaicasearch.net/skins/iecsp-cs-cart/customer/images/logo_new280_80.png Jamaicasearch Shopping Nettwork http://www.jamaicasearch.net/ 280 80 EN (C) Copyright Jamaicasearch Limited - 2018